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Salons or cabins may be roasting on a hot summer day or night, think of yourself as a plant and your boat as a small greenhouse on the water. Turn on the marine AC while keeping the window slightly cracked for circulation; you’ll be cool as a cucumber in no time.

Marine air conditioners work perfectly for all boats. They do not require additional storage space on your vessel, nor leave cords or hoses that may be easily tripped over. With its compact space and low profile, Marine Air Conditioners have proven to be efficient, effective, and reliable. So, enjoy an ice-cold refreshing breeze at a fraction of the price of other brands.

While other brands depend on water supply, pumps, pads, and messy hoses, the air conditioning design of Oceanworks Marine is flawless. At Oceanworks Marine, we offer marine air conditioning services in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Bradenton, and St. Petersburg

The minimum power consumption, a whisper-quiet fan, compact profile, and attractive design makes it an economical alternative to twelve-volt high-tech boat conditioners costing hundreds of dollars.

Complete installation Parts Kit (standard)  $785  Includes Pump!

Shipping included in USA

Each Kit Contains

  • March  Ac-3cp-md 110/volt seawater pump (1)

  • Sherwood water strainer (1)

  • Thru hull (footscoop) (1)

  • Seacock (1)

  • 4′ 3/4 water intake hose   4′

  • (8) large hose clamps

  • (12 )Small hose clamps

  • 40′ 5/8 water in/out hose  40 ‘

  • Overboard discharge fitting (1)

  • 25 ‘ 4″ non-insulated flex    25’

  • 4x4x4 metal wye   (2)

  • 6x4x4 metal wye(1)

  • Primer valve (1)

  • 8′ non insulated flex  8′

  • 4″ round supply  (3)  Specify Ivory/BLack/white

  • 12/3 power wire   (20) addition length avail.

  • 16/3 power wire (25′)  additional length avail

  • 20 AMP circuit breaker (misc electrical term fittings)

  • tube 5200 sealant  /25 tie wraps/ mounting screws

Speak to the experts in Marine Air Conditioning to get a system that is perfectly suited to your needs.